A Constitutional Referendum


The 10th Amendment of the Constitution as it is written allows the States and if need be the people to vote on specific Constitutional Amendments as well as Rules and Regulations for the operation of our government

The Federal Government has the Constitutional Authority to borrow on the good faith and credit of the Nation yet it did not put a limit on that borrowing power. As of now the government is borrowing on the good faith and credit of 325 Million people it is supposed to protect and serve. It is now time for the People to put limits on the governments borrowing authority.

Term limits are mentioned every so often yet our elected officials become so entrenched in their position that they forget that it is the governed they are supposed to serve. It is now time for the People to place limits on Elective service in the government.

The Constitution state's that it is the people it is supposed to serve while having respect for the enviornment and wildlife not the opposit.

The Constitution states in Article 2 Section 4 that if need be any government civil servant can and should be removed if their agenda is contradictory to a government of the people.

The government’s power and authority come's not from one political party or another but from all the people and all the people must be respected.


Our governments control over all Native American land as well as all mineral rights within Tribal lands must END and full transfer of all land, buildings, equipment and mineral rights must be done and allow these people the opportunity to rule themselves as Sovereign Nations without interference by the United States government. Some of these Nations will not thrive without direction and assistance although most should thrive. The federal government will assist but will be prohibited from controlling Tribal Nations direction. Whereas all funds held by the federal government from the sale of mining, timber sales, oil and coal leases plus any other minerals must be transferred to Tribal governments without delay. 

    The Constitution allows the government to set and collect taxes for the operation of the government and the military,yet it did not set a limit on how extensive a tax system can be. This allow's for an Amendment voted for by the people to replace the current obese code with one that is simple. It is time for the People to explain with prejudice and their vote how much money it can take from all hard working Americans.


Constitutional Amendment Proposal

Constitutional Amendment Proposal
The Citizens of the United States hereby do not recognize Islam as a Religion, therefore Congress shall by the will of the people institute the following.

  • 1 Congress shall Ban Islam from the United States and U.S. Territories.
  • 2 Congress shall Ban the Burqa
  • 3 Congress shall legislate that any Islamic Group within the United States shall hereby not be recognized by any Federal, State, or Local entity, thus eliminating nonprofit status of any Islamic group.

Any Muslim committing an act of violence following Quran teachings against any person living in the United States or its territories shall be considered an enemy of the Republic, arrested, placed in military custody, and interred in solitary confinement in GITMO for life.
Any Imam instructing his followers to incite violence against any person living in the United States or its territories shall be considered an enemy of the Republic, arrested and placed in military custody in solitary confinement in GITMO for Life.
Any Muslim willing to integrate into our Society and assimilate to our culture shall be welcome.
Any community embracing Sharia Law shall lose any and all Federal funding.
Any school indoctrinating its students in Islamic culture or Sharia Law shall lose All federal funding.
Any Jurist allowing Sharia Law to be introduced into his or her courtroom shall be removed, disbarred, striped off any and all benefits and sentenced to life in federal detention.
Any member of Congress presenting legislation for implementing Sharia Law shall be removed from office, disbarred if necessary, striped of any benefits and charged with Treason and sent to federal detention. Any follower of Islam shall be banned from holding any office, Federal, State, or Local

  Constitutional Amendment proposal.

 As all Government's "Federal,State,County and Municipal rely on Tax's from every Citizen of the United States,No Government shall Restrict or Infringe on the Peoples right's by Majority Vote on the following.

  • 1 By a Majority Vote in a National Ballot "One Nation under God" shall be our Constitutional Motto.
  • 2 By a Majority Vote in a National Ballot No American Citizen shall have their right to possess and use in Prayer the Bible or other Religious Book denied on or within Tax payer owned Public Property.
  • 3 By a Majority Vote in a National Ballot Religious Monuments placed by individuals or groups in Memory of Military Veterans of Past Wars shall remain on Tax payer owned Public Property.
  • 4 By a Majority Vote in a Community Ballot, Possession of a Bible and Prayer shall be allowed in any School, during any Athletic Event and During any Graduation Ceremony, including readings by Graduates.
  • 5 By a Majority Vote in a Community Ballot, The Pledge of Allegiance shall be recited in School classrooms every day and an American Flag shall be present in each Classroom
  • 6 By a Majority Vote in a Community Ballot no Resident or business shall be denied the right to display or fly the American Flag.
  • 7 By a Majority Vote in a Community Ballot the Bible, being the Oldest Book in print can be taught in school as an Historical Document.
  • 8 By a Majority Vote in a Community Ballot the Declaration of Independence,Constitution and Federalist Papers shall be taught in any Taxpayer funded School.
  • 9 By a Majority Vote in a National Ballot the United States shall be a right to work Nation, that no American shall be forced to join a Union in order to have a Job nor shall any American providing for a disabled child or disabled parent in their own home be forced to pay Union Dues or have those Union Dues deducted from Medicare or medicaid payments.
  • 10 By a Majority Vote in a Community Ballot the 10 Commandments shall be placed in a Any location on Taxpayer funded Courthouse Property and on any School Property.

Constitutional Amendment Proposal

The United States Federal Government shall be forbidden to withhold from the People of the United States Domestic Energy Supplies endowed to the people by our Creator and Vital to the Security of our Republic.

The United States Federal Government shall be Forbidden to advance any green technology through investments acting as a Venture Capitalist using taxpayer funds, whereas the government shall be banned from subsidizing any energy sector business.


With this Energy Policy the United States will be Energy independent from all foreign oil with the exception of our neighbor's Canada and Mexico within 10 years.

At that time domestically produced oil shall not be traded on the world market thus arrangements with oil producers can and shall be made so that the people will have available domestic oil at a set price cap and oil companies shall receive fair treatment from the Government. [New Corporate and Business tax in Tax Code shall be 18%].

Our American farmers must return to their Heritage and grow food only.

National Energy: part one-Oil

The Ethanol Mandate [grain] shall be repealed and by doing so the Federal Government shall be banned from subsidizing Any Energy Sector Business. Whereas the Federal Government shall be Banned from offering Tax breaks, Tax incentives or Loans of Any kind to Any Energy Sector Business.

The Federal Government shall ease all regulations on oil related refineries and if need be reduce the power of the E.P.A. to advisory only with the House setting fines with respect to business viability.

The Federal government shall reduce the tariff on imported sugar ethanol to 2 cents per gallon and if need be pay a premium for all imports as well as encourage domestic sugar producers to produce ethanol.

The Federal Government Shall reissue all leases recently bought back from oil companies in the Rocky Mountains as-well as re-issue all permits in the Gulf for exploration and production. Whereas all Outer-Continental Shelf shall be opened for Oil exploration

The Federal Government i.e. Congress shall force the E.P.A. to ease all requirements for exploration and production of Oil.

The Federal Government shall be prohibited to but not totally restrict any Oil exploration or production due to any wildlife. Wildlife shall be protected yet Oil exploration or production is a National Security issue.

The Federal Government shall set limits on domestic refined oil products being exported whereas only imported oil shall be refined with export in mind and up to 20% shall be designated for 3rd world consumption. Note: When domestic production of Oil exceeds domestic consumption 3rd world nation's shall have priority for importing Oil from the United States.

The Federal Government shall expedite permitting process for 20 to 30 new 250,000 to 500,000 barrel Oil Refineries within the United States and if need be these Refineries shall be placed on Federal land and ownership of land transferred to Oil Companies at a minimal rate to ensure dependable supply of products.

The Federal Government shall increase the pipeline and hazard inspection department payroll from current 99 inspectors to 450 and increase budget by 100%.

The Federal government shall suspend all Boutique fuels for a period of no less than 20 years at which time these may be eliminated.

National Security part 2: Coal


The Federal Government shall overturn the incandescent light bulb ban and institute a limited ban on all light bulbs containing mercury of which shall be the following:

As the United States has the largest Domestic supply of Coal in the World,The Federal Government shall ease E.P.A. regulations that will be forcing dozens of coal-fired power plants to shutter within the next few years.

The Federal Government shall expedite permitting for an additional 50 new coal fired plant's. Note: Each Utility shall be required upon receiving permitting that they shall invest  no less than 15% of their profits into Alternative Energy Research over a period of 35 years.

If need be these new power plants shall be placed on Federal land and ownership of land transferred to power companies at greatly reduced cost.

The Federal Government shall work side by side with power producers to supply all the energy needs of the Nation and develop technology to gradually reduce emissions even more then they are now.

National Security part 3: natural gas

The Federal Government shall expedite permits for Natural Gas power-plants

National Security part 4: Nuclear

The Federal Government shall expedite licensing of Yucca Mountain as storage for spent nuclear fuel.

Constitutional Amendment Proposal

Article 2; Presidential powers
The President shall be prohibited to issue any executive order protecting any federal employee, whether elected, appointed or salaried from either Congressional investigation and or Public scrutiny. Whereas the President and said employee[s] shall both have their salaries and benefits suspended until such a time as the employee submits to Congressional questioning. Any federal employee citing the 5th to protect themselves shall be suspended without salary and benefits for a period of 1 year or longer if so deemed by Congress until the said employee testifies. During this time of employee suspension for failure to testify the President shall also have his salary and benefits reduced by no less than 50%.

Constitutional Amendment Proposal

Congress shall pass no legislation with regards to the people of the United States that discriminates between the peoples, Whereas any legislation passed by the Congress for the people shall be for all the people including members of Congress, Congressional staff, Federal employees and special interest groups.

Any legislation passed by Congress with wording exempting Congressional members shall be prohibited.
Any member of Congress submitting any legislation exempting Congressional members, staff, special interest groups etc. will be removed from office post haste, lose any and all Federal benefits excluding military pension, fined 50% of their personal wealth and banned from approaching any Federal official or office for redirect of grievance.

Any Legislation passed by Congress Shall be limited to 5 pages and any amendments placed on the legislation by anyone after legislation is passed Shall be fined $50,000 with immediate removal from government employment , loss of any benefits or pension.

Constitutional Amendment Proposal.


Congress shall pass no legislation granting Citizenship to undocumented immigrants within the United States who have entered the country illegally. Only after Congress fulfills its duty to Secure our Borders shall the following be allowed to proceed.

Undocumented immigrants within the United States shall have the right to seek Residency Status Only by the following rules.

Adult's who have entered with children must Register with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in order to obtain Residency Status and have proof of Minimum 5 years Employment and Employer Sponsor.

Undocumented Adult Immigrants shall be required to:

  • 1 Pay a fine of $15 per week for life with No up front payment.
  • 2 Sign agreement to follow all U.S. laws during 15 year period.
  • 3 Seek and learn the English language through education.
  • 4 After the 15 year period those who have followed the rules shall have Residency Statue granted with no Voting rights.
  • 5 After the 15 year minimum documented immigrants shall be required to take Oath of Residency [Similar to Citizenship but not full citizenship.] with No Voting rights.
  • 6 Children who came across the Border with their Parents shall be held to the same criteria as their parents.
  • 7 Children born to an Undocumented Immigrant in the United States shall be Not be given Citizenship rights.
  • 8 Undocumented Adult Immigrants who came into the United States Illegally while bringing their Children and cannot show a minimum 10 year work history or a Employer sponsor to provide steady employment shall be denied residency.
  • 9 Any undocumented Immigrant shall be denied any rights to serve in the United States Military or in any Law Enforcement position within the United States.
  • 10 Any Undocumented Immigrant committing Any Crime with a weapon within the United States shall be sentenced to no less than 15 years in G.I.T.M.O. or any related off shore prison, with no Civilian representation as they shall be considered an invading combatant !
  • 11 Any Illegal Immigrant committing a crime in the United States shall be sentenced to no less than 10 years in G.I.T.M.O. or related off shore prison, whereas any Illegal Immigrant re entering the United States after being deported shall be sentenced to no less than 15 years G.I.T.M.O. or related off shore prison.
  • 12 Any Refugee entering the United States shall be denied food stamps, debit cards or any other Federal benefits. Any Refugee committing a crime against any Citizen of the United States shall be immediately be placed in military custody as an enemy combatant and sentenced to life with no parole or civilian legal counsel.
  • 13 Illegal Immigrants shall be denied any Federal benefits such as Social Security, Welfare, food stamps etc. whereas any fraud committed by an Illegal immigrant in these programs shall result in immediate repatriation to their home country.

This Residency status does not give Anchor status to relatives of said Residents in above rules. Yearly visitation by family members outside the United States shall be allowed only after Residency has been established and limited to one 30 day visit per year, whereas overstaying a visit shall result in immediate Fine [minimum $500] and deportation with no further visitation rights.

Constitutional Amendment Proposal for the People

Balanced Budget

Congress shall pass no Budget that Exceed's 20% of Gross Domestic Product with the ONLY exception being War Funding.

Within the Budget the Federal Government Shall set aside 2.5% for Disaster Relief and Recovery while any funds left in the account at the end of the year shall be carried over into next Fiscal year to be used only for the Debt.

Federal borrowing limit shall be $250 Billion per Fiscal Year and shall not be exceeded with the exception of War funding and then by no more than 75%.

Federal Spending shall return to 2008 levels within 4 years and return to 2000 levels within an additional 4 years.

Federal spending shall be restricted to 2% growth per year based on previous 10 year average.

Any session of Congress that Fail’s to pass a Budget on time shall result in Speaker of the House and Senate Leader shall be Fined $2,500 per day and all members fined $500 per day until a Budget is passed. Note: Said fine's shall be retroactive to April 23rd 2000 for past Failure by leaders as well as removal from office and censorship for life involving anything Political or legal involving the Federal Government.

The Budget shall not include the 8% Deficit Tax on all products and services listed in the Proposed new Tax Code which shall go directly to paying off the Nation’s Debt. whereas any misuse by any federal employee whether elected or appointed shall result in fine of 95% of personal wealth a minimum $250,000 fine and 25 years in Leavenworth.
Past failure by congress dating back to the year 2000 shall result in fines to all members of the last 6 sessions of 50% of their wealth averaged by lowest income and All shall be immediately removed from office lose All benefits for life and censored for life of anything legally, politically or other contact such as lobbyist!

2nd Amendment

Congress shall make no law requiring or restricting any Citizen of the United States the right to own any semi-automatic weapon or to register any semi-automatic weapon. Semi-automatic weapons shall not be restricted to magazines of less than 20 rounds equal to or not exceeding military versions.
Executive branch declarations restricting or banning access to any ammunition whether size or type shall result in All Executive branch officials having their salaries suspended for life including any benefits.

Weapon sales by gun dealers during gun shows or private sale of weapon to an individual shall comply with background check criteria.

Every Citizen shall be required to undergo 14 day waiting period for background check consisting of Criminal record check with Federal and Interpol Agencies as well as any Mental Health inquiries. Families with Mentally challenged member[s] shall be required to notify local  law enforcement of weapons within the home.

     Note: possession of a handgun or other weapon by an undocumented immigrant in the United States Illegally shall result in fine, imprisonment for minimum 25 years in G.I.T.M.O. or related off shore military post and upon release shall be returned to their home country, whereas re-entry into the United States shall result in a Life sentence in G.I.T.M.O.! Any members of a drug cartel crossing our southern border captured with weapon in hand will be sentenced to GITMO for life in solitary confinement.

Amend the 5th Amendment

Any Individual or Group of Individuals Breaching Security on any Federal Restricted Property Including the White House Shall void their 5th amendments Rights to Self- Incrimination when call upon by a Grand Jury to explain their intrusion. Whereas any Individual pleading the 5th shall be held without bond or bail for 6 months until inquiries can be made by F.B.I. and C.I.A. as to any Involvement in Foreign or Domestic Combative group's.

Foreign Individual's shall be denied the 5th Amendment if breaching security on Restricted Property.

Government Employee's pleading the 5th when called upon by Congress or Grand Jury to answer question's of misuse of taxpayer funds shall be suspended for 1 year with loss of Salary and Benefits and continued refusal shall result in immediate removal position from in loss of all federal benefit's including Pensions.

Due to increased Threats of Terrorism and Declaration of War on the United States by Extremist Groups whether Domestic or Foreign, Any Intrusion on Federal Property Shall be Considered an Act of War. When captured all shall be placed in military custody in G.I.T.M.O.and held as Enemy Combatants for 90 days without Counsel [ Civilian counsel shall be forbidden ]or Court hearing. Bond shall be Denied to all.

Investigation and Questioning Shall be conducted be F.B.I. while in military custody whereas A.C.L.U. shall be prohibited in representing any Prisoner as all Legal representation shall be handled by Military Legal Services. Note; the ACLU shall be prohibited any access to any prisoner of foreign origin as the detainee is not an American Citizen.

Suspected Terrorist's captured on Foreign soil Shall Not be transferred to the United States to stand trial. Any Individual captured on Foreign soil shall be sent directly to G.I.T.M.O. for trial and detention.

      Note: if any of said person or person's are connected to any Foreign terrorist group including Drug Cartels the C.I.A. shall become involved. 

      Note: Any member of a Drug Cartel whether foreign or domestic captured within the United States they shall be treated as invading enemy combatants,placed in military custody in G.I.T.M.O. and held without bond or counsel for 90 day's.
      Note; If G.I.T.M.O. is returned to Cuba as a condition of normalizing relations between the two nations other offshore military posts shall be utilized for detention purposes.

Amend the 6th Amendment

The 6th Amendment Shall not be used in Any Case involving an Attack or Attempted Attack by an Individual or group of Individuals on American Soil or Ship or Aircraft entering American Territory. This includes Domestic groups or individuals whether Civilian or Military plotting to overthrow the Federal Government.

Such attempt by Foreign or Domestic Individuals or Groups [ Islamic ]Shall be Considered an act of War and Said Individuals shall be denied Miranda rights, placed in Military Custody at G.I.T.M.O.and held without Bond, Court hearing or Counsel for 100 days.
Civilian representation shall be prohibited as individuals shall be invading enemies of the state

All interrogation shall be handled by F.B.I. and C.I.A. using the same Techniques the Military use to train our Special Operations Teams, i.e. Navy Seals and Army Rangers.

      Interrogators SHALL be immune from Prosecution.
      See note on 5th Amendment

Amend the 12th Amendment

Membership in The Electoral College shall be proportioned to the Citizens Vote and any announcement of Electoral position before Election day shall Void all Electoral Votes, whereas Electoral College Membership preference before an Election shall result in a Fine of $500,000, Removal from office and Banishment for life in seeking any Federal Position.

Any announcement by the Media of Electoral Gain by a Presidential Candidate before and during an Election shall be Prohibited whereas reporting Voting Results Shall before 8 p.m. p.s.t. on Voting day shall be prohibited.

Amend Article 3 Section 3

Congress shall Legislate Fines and Penalties for any Jurist granting Constitutional Rights to Enemy Combatants captured on Foreign Soil and brought to the United States whereas by granting such rights the Jurist or Jurists shall be removed from the bench and charged with Treason with the Penalty of Life without Parole at  Super Max and never to see daylight ever again, whereas all personal property shall be confiscated by the Federal Government. This shall be retroactive to the year 2000.

The Supreme Court Justices who ruled that Enemy Combatants captured on Foreign Battle fields and Imprisoned on Foreign Land receive Constitutional rights Shall be removed from the bench and penalized !

          Note: Proposed Penalties are listed in the Agenda as well as Rules for All Federal Judges and Supreme Court Justices. All penalties shall be set in accordance of the Peoples Vote.

By a vote of the people use Article 2 Section 4 and remove said Persons from the government, thus disbarring those with legal license, Censuring all, voiding Federal benefits for all, placing all under house arrest for life and restricting any contact, of which confinement shall be controlled by military.

Constitutional Amendment Proposal for the People

Congress shall recognize the term Marriage be a Sacred and Holy Bond Between one Man and one Woman Only:

Constitutional Amendment Proposal for the People

The United Sates Congress shall recognize that "Life begins at Conception".

Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Except for Rape, Incest or if the Pregnancy Endangers the Mothers Life Shall be Prohibited
Independent Abortion clinics shall be banned whereas all abortions shall be provide at certified Medical clinics and hospitals whereas Faith based facilities shall have the right to decline any request for abortion.

Taxpayer Funded Abortions Shall be Restricted after the First signs of Heartbeat of the unborn unless the Mothers Life is in Danger. Note; exceptions will be for rape and incest only.

Late Term, Partial Birth and Live Birth Abortions Shall be considered Murder unless the mother's life is endangered.

A Member of the Clergy must be Consulted before any Abortion in order to attempt to persuade the Mother to keep the unborn through Birth and if mother wishes to continue with Abortion Clergy Member shall give Last Rights and Proper Burial.
DNA samples shall be extracted to Identify the father who will be charged the cost of the abortion, burial costs and fined $10,000 for child endangerment.

Whereas any Physician violating Clergy Notification Shall be fined $50,000

Whereas any Physician performing a Late Term, Partial Birth or Live Birth without Clergy Notification Shall be Fined $50,000 and Loss of Credentials for 1 year, Second Offense Shall result in fine of $250,000 and loss of Credentials for 5 years.

Amendment proposal

Article 16: Repeal and Replace

The following tax code will be require all residents of the United States to participate

Every American must be involved in funding the operation of the Federal Government and All must have skin in the game for our Country to Survive.  

This is only a partial as the entire tax proposal is available in the agenda and without the Spending Cuts, Bans, Restrictions and Limitations listed in the Agenda will not work.

The following Tax Code cannot work without Specific Spending bans, cuts, restriction and limitations on the government reform page.

The Federal  Government shall be prohibited to offer Tax Rebates, Refunds, Breaks or Incentives for any Privately Product thus allowing each Industry to compete equally.

Congress shall ELIMINATE ALL TAXES [ including taxes in any legislation passed by the Legislature by less than 2/3 rd's Constitutional vote ] in the Federal Tax Code as well as All Loopholes and replace with the following.

All non-profit sections shall be retained with the following exception: Any Government Employee Union as well as any Union deriving more than 50% of their income from all Americans, i.e, Teachers Unions, Transit  Unions, etc, violating the Political participation of supporting ALL political candidates equally shall be stripped of Non-profit Status for a period of no less than 10 years.

Note: All products currently have built in pass through taxes of up to 24%. By removing all current taxes in the tax code and replacing with a retail tax Americans shall know exactly what the government is receiving.

By removing all current taxes from the tax code those with 401 k's or IRA’s shall not be penalized for withdrawing funds early

Congress shall be limited to collection of taxes that do not exceed 18% for any Corporation, Note: The only deductions allowed shall be Health insurance including Dental and Vision insurance whereas after a minimum of 10 years this rate shall be reduced by 1 point every 3 years until it reaches a permanent  15%.

Corporations repatriating profits from overseas operations shall be taxed at no more than 15% with no allowable deductions. Note: After a period of no less than 10 years this rate shall be reduced 1 point every 3 years until it reaches a permanent  10%. No Corporation shall pay less than 10% and NO Corporation shall have interaction with Congress seeking any Tax break.

Congress shall be limited to collection of taxes that do not exceed 18% for personal tax rate with no deductions. Filing for tax return shall be prohibited. This tax code shall reduce I.R.S. Payroll and paperwork by 80%. Whereas enforcement of Tax laws shall be done through the Dept of Justice, No I.R.S. Employee shall Authority to carry a weapon.

Tax rates shall be as follows; This stair step shall also be used to tax Dividends and Capitol gains. After a period of no less than 10 years and no more than 15 years all tax rates listed below above the 3% mark shall be reduced 1/2 point every 3 years until there is a 1 point step between rates.

Earningsto$15,000per year2%
$15,001to$25,000per year3%
$25,001to$40,000per year5%
$40,001to$65,000per year6%
$65,000to$80,000per year8%
$80,001to$100,000per year9%
$100,001to$125,000per year10%
$125,001to$150,000per year11%
$150,001to$200,000per year12%
$200,001to$350,000per year14%
$350,001to$600,000per year15%
$600,001to$1 Mper year16%
Overto$1,000,001per year18%

Seniors working less than 30 hours per week shall have no taxes deducted

Registered School students up to 22 years of age working part time and less than 30 hours per week shall have no taxes deducted. Students working 2 or more part time jobs totaling over 30 hours per week shall be taxed at 2% rate over 25 hours total per week.

Once the Federal Debt is reduced to less than 25% of G.D.P all tax rates above the 3% mark shall be reduced 1/2 point every 3 years until there is a simple 1 point step between rates. 

Individuals with offshore accounts and wishing to repatriate funds back into U.S. Mainland accounts shall be taxed at no more than or less than 10% with no deductions. 

The Congress shall institute the following federal sales tax rate

An 8% sales tax on all products and services at retail point [ including Internet sales] that shall go directly to paying the federal debt whereas any misuse other than for Federal debt shall result in fine of $500,000 and 25 years in Leavenworth. Once the debt is reduced to less than 25% of G.D.P. this tax shall "SUNSET", whereas any attempt to continue with this tax shall result in $500,000 fine and 25 years in Leavenworth for all involved.

A 2% sales tax on all products and services at retail point [ including Internet sales ] that shall go directly to Medicare and Medicaid, whereas any misuse shall result in fine of $500,000 and 25 years in Leavenworth. Once the debt tax sunsets this tax shall increase to no more than 3.5% and shall be permanent

A 5% sales tax on all products and services at retail point [ including Internet sales ] that shall go directly to general fund. Once the debt tax sunsets this tax shall increase to no more than 6.5% and shall be permanent.

            Payroll tax shall not exceed 6.5% for employee deduction and 6.5% for employer deduction.

            F.I.C.A. deduction shall have No income cap.

Seniors receiving Social Security shall not have their benefits taxed whereas there shall be no cap on any Seniors savings accounts!

As Medicare will be Bankrupt within the next 10 years all benefits promised may not be available whereas all Americans are urged to set aside as much as possible in order to cover medical needs. Supplemental Insurance should be every Americans responsibility. The current requirement that personal health insurance be dropped to enter Medicare shall be eliminated and each person must hold some responsibility. 

Means testing shall be required on all receiving benefits and those with the financial capability shall have their benefits reduced accordingly.

Medicare shall continue although means testing must be done to ensure the Viability of the program to continue. Note: Medical Malpractice reform must be legislated to rein in cost's
Note: The federal government shall repeal the certificate of need to reduce cost's
Note: The Federal Government shall remove state borders for all health coverage.

Those currently on Medicare and those entering over the next 10 years should not have their benefits reduced.

Medicaid shall be reserved for the poorest and neediest in our Nation.whereas no Medicaid for Illegal Immigrants

Highway use tax [gas tax] shall be reset to but not exceed 35 cents per gallon, whereas any misuse of these funds other than for Highway and Bridge Construction shall result in the Individual [s] involved fined $250,000 and 25 years in Federal Prison with no Presidential Pardon.

Article 1 Section 9

Congress shall forbid the privilege of Constitutional rights to any individual captured on a foreign battlefield or in the process of attempting a terrorist attack on U.S. soil or on a U.S. bound flight. Individuals detained in these attempts shall be placed in Military custody and held without bond, counsel or court appearance for 90 days.

 This shall include any individual either foreign or domestic attacking any military post, base or recruiting office whereas these acts shall be considered acts of war and all detention shall be held at G.I.T.M.O

All interrogation shall be controlled by F.B.I. and C.I.A. and interrogators shall be immune from prosecution whereas all counsel shall be military. No civilian legal representation shall be allowed.

Amendment proposal

Foreign law [ Sharia Law ] shall be prohibited in all U.S. court proceedings, whereas any jurist whether Federal, State or Municipal entertaining any foreign [ Sharia Law ]document in court shall be disbarred, censured and removed from the bench and lose all federal benefits. NOTE: Any foreign law ] Sharia Law ]that disrespects U.S. law for the treatment of women and children shall be forbidden. 

Amendment proposal


Congress shall with due process place all Legislation on the internet for 7 days prior to a vote for a public comment period before any legislation can be considered for a vote.
No legislation shall exceed 5 pages in length and amendments by non elected members of Congress shall be banned, whereas any non member of Congress amending any legislation shall be fined $250,000 and sentenced to 10 years in Leavenworth with no Presidential pardon or review.

Whereas all legislation must show where it pertains to the Constitution and all legislation must be complete before being placed on internet, whereas any amendments added to legislation while on the internet will add additional 7 days to public viewing. 

Any amendments added after public viewing or after vote shall void the legislation and process shall be terminated, rewritten and replaced on internet.

All Legislation must pass by a Constitutional 2/3 rd's vote in Both House's, Whereas passage of any Legislation [other than Budgetary at 3/5th's vote by both houses] by less than 2/3 rd's of said Legislation shall be Void.

Congress shall be allowed to pass Budgetary Items by no less than 3/5th's vote.

Military Appropriations

Congress shall pass All military Appropriations funding on time without any nonmilitary amendment added. Whereas any non-Military Amendments added to Any appropriations bill shall result in $100,000 fine and 12 months without pay for amendment sponsor.
Failure to pass any Military Appropriations Bill on time shall result in All Members of Congress being fined $50,000 !

Amendment proposal

Congress shall pass legislation that bars any Elected or Appointed Employee of the Federal Government to act as a Venture Capitalist using Taxpayer Funds choosing winners or losers in the private sector.

The Federal Government shall be prohibited to restrict any private sector industry from growing its industry to enable the American people to enjoy low utility costs as well as gas prices.

The Federal Government shall be prohibited to interfere with any private sector company wishing to move from one state to another whereas the N.L.R.B. shall be proportionate to private work force yet no more than one union member to 4 non-union member or no more than 1/5th of Board shall be union. Any violation the N.L.R.B. shall be eliminated.

Amendment Proposal;

Pork Projects benefiting any Specific State or District shall be Banned and any Congressional member doing so shall be fined $250,000 removed from office and Banned from any involvement whether Legal of Political in the Federal Government.

Amendment Proposal;

The United States Federal Reserve be held to the same requirements as any other bank in the United States, i.e. Quarterly Audits and fines.

Amendment Proposal;

Repeal the 17th Amendment returning Self Governing the the States.

Amendment Proposal;

The Federal Government shall have no Authority to Bail out any Government Sector Entity whether Federal, State or Municipal nor shall the government have authority to bail out any private sector industry whereas any member of the Federal Government doing so without 3/4th's Approval of the States shall be fined no less than $500,000 and 50 years in Federal Detention with no parole !

Amendment Proposal;

Congress [ the House ] shall allow NO set limit on Federal Projects that limit Non Union Contractors in Federal Bidding Process whereas ALL Federal Projects no matter the Cost shall be open to All Bidders. The Executive Branch shall be banned from restricting Non Union Contractors from bidding on Any Project.

Congress shall Ban No Bid Contracts in any Allocation of Taxpayer Funds whereas any No Bid Contract given by ANY Branch of the Federal Government shall result in the following.
1. Federal employee granting any such Bid work shall be terminated from employment, fined $500,000 and Banished from any legal or electoral position involving the Federal Government.
2. Any Contractor receiving a Contract without bidding shall be banished from any and all federal projects for life.
Note. Corporate Officers shall be fined $500,000 and Company shall be fined $5,000,000
3. Any Legislator authorizing such no bid contract shall be removed from office, fined $500,000 and banished from anything Legal or political involving the Federal Government for life.
4 Any Foreign Contractor receiving a No Bid contract shall be Banned from any future involvement regarding the United States Federal Government and/or All Foreign Contractors with connections to U.S. Based Entity i.e. a Subsidiary of an American Company shall be Prohibited.

Amendment Proposal;

Congress Shall Ban all cost overruns whereas the following

1. Any Federal Employee authorizing Any additional costs for Any project without Authorization of the House Budgetary Committee and 2/3rd's of House Approval shall be terminated, fined $500,000 and sentenced to 25 years in Federal Prison with no Presidential Pardon.
2. Any member of Congress Authorizing a Cost Overrun without Approval from the House Budgetary Committee and 2/3rd's of House shall be removed from Office, fined $1,000,000 and Sentenced to 35 years in Leavenworth with no Presidential Pardon.

Amendment Proposal;

Congress shall institute on All Military Weapons Development Contracts a 35% investment minimum by developer on all developments.
If Weapon Developer cannot stay within the confines of its Contract no additional funds shall be Authorized and Developer shall be banned from anything regarding the Federal Government for no less than 25 years.


Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the Federal Government shall return to its Constitutional root’s and Abide by  the following:

1. Term Limits

A. The Senate shall observe a limit of 2 terms whereas any member who has served in the House for 2 terms or less before serving in Senate shall be limited to 1 term.

B. The House shall observe a limit of 3 2 year terms.

        B.1.  Any member of the Legislative branch upon choosing to run for higher Office Must.
                1. Resign their current position and be replaced before any attempt for higher Office
                    Violating the resignation process before seeking a Higher Office shall result in a $50,000 fine as well as loss of 1 year Salary and Benefits.

2. Legislative Leadership positions

A. Speaker of the House shall be limited to 1, 2 year term whereas by a vote of the People !
All Perks for Speaker shall end at Midnight of his or her last day as said Speaker.

B. Leader of the Senate shall serve no more than 1 Session and shall have no leadership position if re-elected for an additional term.

Both houses of the Legislative branch shall return to following Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 of the Constitution by passing No legislation by less than 2/3rd's vote with the only exception being appropriations bills which shall be allowed to pass at 3/5th's vote.

A. Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 has never been amended to grant the Legislative Branch the Authority to pass any Legislation by less than 2/3rd's thus a Constitutional Convention of Governors shall by the Will of the People [the Electorate] Void all Legislation passed by the U.S. Legislative Branch and remove all language increasing the power and size of the Government, whereas attempts by one party to block legislation over ideology differences with the Constitution said party shall be suspended without salary and benefits for no less than 6 months !

    1. All legislation shall be complete with every item within legislation finished showing where in the Constitution it pertains to before being placed on the Internet for a minimum of 7 days whereas any amendments for said legislation inserted after placement on Internet shall add additional 7 days on internet for public viewing.
    A.1. All Legislation must be read in it's entirety by member's only on the floor of both house's after public viewing on internet, whereas any member not present for reading shall be fined $1,000. Both houses shall entertain public opinions for a period of no less than 2 weeks before voting. Violation of the 2 week period shall result in loss of 1 month's Salary for All Members.
    A.2. Any Amendments to publicly viewed legislation during public comments process shall void legislation and internet viewing shall be rest for an additional 7 days.
    A.3. All legislation must be Revenue Neutral and must show no more than 5 years projected costs.
    A.4 All legislation shall be written and composed by Congressional members and staff only. Outside involvement by any Individual or group shall be forbidden. Whereas any intervention by outside influence shall VOID said legislation.
    Any legislation written by an outside source [ A.L.E.C. ] shall be considered Constitutionally invalid, whereas any writers of outside interference [ legislation ] shall be considered enemies of the people and all shall be imprisoned for no less than 10 years for interfering with the peoples Congress.


1. Both houses of Legislature shall abide by the following Rules of conduct.

 A. Both houses of the Legislature shall be in Session no less than 8 hours per day, 5 days per week and 30 weeks per   year. No less than 2/3 of members shall be in attendance every day, whereas attendance less than 2/3rd's all members shall have $500 deducted from Salary for each day 2/3rd's attendance is not met.

B All Congressional Member's shall be restricted to operational cost based on 1985 Salaries for members  with no raises, whereas any and all bonuses or increases in salary for members and staff shall be based on performance and 70% approval of their state voters and by 2/3 rd's of States. Self-imposed pay raises by members shall be forbidden.

C. All members of Legislative branch shall be subject to recall by their states or district voters with a 30% recall vote.

D. All members shall be responsible for their own Health Insurance costs with their staff contributing 80% to their health insurance.

E. All members of legislative branch and their office staffs shall be suspended without Salary and prohibited from work in any federal building for failing to file or pay taxes. No member shall be allowed in respective halls until all taxes are paid and current. No recourse for Salary reimbursement during suspension shall be allowed.

F. Any and all Ethics violation's shall result in minimum fine of $50,000 per offense and full reprimand in well of house and Senate which shall be televised in prime-time. 

G. Any member of legislature inserting foreign law into any legislation shall be fined $100,000 and censured from respective house business for 6 months without pay and loss of benefits!

H. Any member of the legislative branch enriching themselves, staff, family or business friends through knowledge of pending legislation shall be fined $500,000 plus any profit coerced from those mentioned, censured for Life and Loss of any and All Benefits.

I. Any member of the legislature inserting language into any legislation that discriminates between general public and government employees or unions shall be fined $250,000, Censured for 1 year as well as loss of Salary and benefits.

J. The constitution shall be read in full by every member of each house of the legislature, whereas any abridging of/or refusal to read shall result in a fine of $5,000. 

K. Public outbursts by members during any speech by a foreign dignitary who decides his or her voice or opinion of American law whether Federal or State is wrong in their personal opinion shall result in fines of $5,000 for every member of legislature. Applause is respectful but outbursts shall be prohibited. 

L. Failing to pass a Federal Budget on time by either house of the legislature shall result in the following fines.

Fines for 110th Session is as follows

  1. Senate leader shall be fined $5,000 per day until budget is passed.
  2. Speaker of the house shall be fined $2,500 per day until budget is passed
  3. Party leaders shall be fined $1,500 per day until budget is passed
  4. All members shall be fined $$500 per day. 


Fines for 112th Session is as follows

  1. Senate Leader shall be fined $5,000 per day for the length of the Session in failing to promote or put forth Budget. Whereas Senate Leader shall be removed from Office, stripped of all Federal Benefits and Censored for Life involving anything regarding the United States Federal Government or Political Speech. The Senate Leader shall also be Taxed 95% on any income for the balance of his life.
  2. Senate Majority and Minority leaders shall be fined $2,500 per day for failing to promote and put forth a Budget.
  3. Balance of membership shall be fined $2,000 per day for failing to promote and put forth a Budget.

M. All member's of Legislature shall be responsible for Auto leases to which a $200 allotment per month shall be   allowed per member.

N.. All member's shall be means tested for supplemental rent assistance, whereas no member shall receive more than $500 per month for rent.

O. All leadership position perks shall end 24 hours after leadership term ends whereas any office leases signed by leader in name of federal government shall revert to leaders responsibility. This shall be retroactive to previous leaders. 


A. Salary and Benefits for Legislative shall be as follows 

1. All members salaries shall be reset to $60,000/year and frozen whereas self-imposed pay raises shall be forbidden. Members shall request salary increase from the residents of their State or district and no raise shall be permitted unless 2/3rd's of States and Districts authorize said raise. Any raise shall be limited to 1.5% per 4 years whereas authorization of States and Districts shall be required every 4 years. 

Example, A member serving 1 term as a Senator shall receive $18,000 per year for only 6 years

3. Congressional Pensions shall  be based on proposed term limits. Maximum Pension shall be $18,000 per year for time served and members shall not receive any of said pension until they turn 66 years of age.

4. All Members shall pay for their own Health care whereas all office staff shall be required to contribute 80% of health care ins.

5. Reimbursement's for government trips shall be no more than $50 per day whereas all receipts must be accounted for. Any false accounting shall result in $500 fine.

Note:   Use of military aircraft for informational trips shall be Banned and All Air charter trips shall be reimbursed at coach class fares of Airline guides.

Note.   Any member accepting air transport from any special interest ie lobbyist shall be required to pay full charter cost as a fine to the general fund.

 6. Any and all language allowing a member of Congress to arrange loans from their Campaign funds for any reason shall result in fine of Loan amount and loss of 1 years Salary.


Judicial Branch

A. A. Supreme Court - Lifetime Appointments shall end and 27 year term of service shall be adopted

  1. No Jurist shall be appointed to the Supreme Court without a minimum of 10 years on Federal District bench or 10 years on a state supreme court. 
  2. Retirement age for Supreme Court Justice shall be 75. Adjustments shall be made depending on age at appointment. 
  3. Any Jurist legislating from the bench or in rulings shall be censured, fined $250,000 and removed from the bench for a period of 1 year with loss of Salary and Benefits for that time.
  4. Any Supreme Court Justice inserting foreign language or laws into rulings or writings shall be fined $250,000 disbarred and removed from the bench and Censored for life involving the Federal Government with loss of all Benefits.
  5. Any Supreme Court Justice inserting political or personal view into any ruling shall be fined $250,000 and suspended from bench for 1 year as well as loss of Salary and benefits.
  6. Retirement benefits for all Federal Justices shall be reduced to 20% of Salary.

Federal Employees

Congress shall Repeal and Replace the Wagner Act with wording restricting the power of All Government Sector Unions and restructuring their benefits.
The Federal Employee Retirement System Shall be restructured to reflect or mirror what an American Citizen receives from Social Security.

A. Non-Military Federal payroll shall not exceed .3,000,000. Current level of Non-military payroll shall be reduced over a period of 5 years until it reaches the proposed limit.
B. Hiring private contractors shall be limited and limited to $750 per week per agent.
C. All Salaries shall be reset to not exceed private sector of same position by more than 5% at which time any and all Quarterly and Yearly bonuses shall not exceed 2.5% of salary and performance bonuses shall be limited to 5% of Salary.
D. All federal employees retirement age shall be reset to 66 years of age.
note: if retirement for public is raised retirement age for Federal employees shall also be raised to the same age.

note: Non Military Employees shall not receive Pension Benefits until the age of 62 at which time only 60% of Benefits shall be available, Full Pension shall be available at age of 66..

Political posters of any political party shall be banned from federal property whereas any federal employee wearing any badge, pin, scarf, tie or any other item on their person or on their desk or locker shall be fined $1,000 and suspended for 30 days without pay or benefits.

Any Federal employee knowingly destroying material requested by Congress for an investigation shall be fined $50,000 suspended for 1 year with no pay or benefits

A. All non-military federal employees shall be required to contribute no less than 80% of health care coverage.
Note: Front line Federal National Security Personnel shall be required to contribute 50% of Health Insurance

B. Retirement benefits for Non-Military and Non-Security federal employees shall be suspended reset to 10% of Salary with government contributing match up 7.5% of salary.

C. All current Federal Retirees shall have their pensions reduced to 10 percent their salary at retirement.

D. All federal employee conference's or training session's shall be limited to $250 per employee cost to taxpayer.

Federal Divisions and Projects

By a Vote of a duly called Constitutional Congress by the People of the United States Convention Delegates shall place a 10 year Moratorium on new Federal Construction Projects not including Military Installations or Road and Bridge upgrades.

Only Security improvements on Military Posts as well as Housing for Personnel shall be allowed.

The federal government shall eliminate the following which are only the beginning

1. ALL unused federal properties including those confiscated for Tax evasion or other federal violation [estimated at 1.2 million properties] shall be liquidated at auction with reserve bid of no less than 70% of appraised value.

note: any federal property that is suitable for use as charter school or homeless shelter, non-profits shall have first refusal.

2. A duly called Constitutional Convention shall have the Authority to void all employee pension contracts including Postal Service and reset to 10% of salary with employees contributing 80% of health care insurance.

Note; This involves forcing the Postal Service in Bankruptcy in order to reduce Operating costs or Selling the Post Office to the Private Sector.

3. The federal government shall privatize Am Track and sell to highest bidder with some restrictions on abandoning any routes.

4. ALL federal construction projects to shall be Right to Work contracts no matter the projected cost.
Whereas any interference by any union or unionized company in a non-union companies winning bid shall be result in banishment from bidding process on any federal construction project for 10 years.

5. The federal government shall Ban the use of Eminent domain and be forbidden itself in its use to power grab any private property or State land.

6. The federal government shall reduce the estimated 18,000 federal programs by at least 80% or a reduction of no more than 14,000 whereas any program that does not involve worker safety, product safety, workplace safety, health and welfare programs and general public safety shall be eliminated. The timeline for elimination shall be over 10 years.

7. The federal government shall reduce the Dept. of Education and limit funding to $5 Billion per year to be used as promoting Education and return full control of education back to the States. As all schools are paid for by property taxes to city or state the federal government shall be prohibited from choosing winners or losers in Education.

A. The federal government shall when additional funds are available make individual grants of up to $10 Million to Charter Schools for start ups or current charter schools who wish to expand.
B. The federal government shall end subsidies to all universities and colleges as all high education facilities are either community owned, state owned, or privately owned. This does not include grants for health and medical research.

8. The federal government shall place restriction's on the federal financing bank and limit any loans to $35,000 per employee.

9. The federal government shall eliminate all loans, tax breaks and or incentives to ALL energy sector Industries. The federal government shall be prohibited from choosing winners or losers in the energy industry thus the federal government shall be forbidden from acting as a Venture Capitalist using taxpayer fund's.

Note: The federal government shall be prohibited to offer any rebate for any private sector product, all rebate's shall be the responsibility of producer's and manufacturer's.

10. The federal government shall freeze all funds for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae thus splitting each into 10 separate units involving each geographical area of the United States. By doing so each will be smaller than current and as individual units shall not affect the entire nation as a whole. Note: the federal government shall be restricted in mortgage's to veteran's only.

11. The federal government shall institute BAN on all no-bid contracts. Note: Any violation of this by any government employee shall result in $250,000 fine, Fired with no recourse for work anywhere in the Federal Government and loss of all federal benefit's.

12. The federal government shall institute BAN on Cost plus federal projects. Any project must have developer involvement of a minimum 25%.
Note: Cost overruns on federal projects in 2007 were $807 Billion.

13. The federal government shall place strict regulations on the National Labor Relations Board which will limit Labor Union involvement to 1/5th membership of Board or the Board shall be eliminated.
Note: As Unions consist of less than 11% of the Nations private sector work force this will eliminate the government being used as a lackey for the Unions.

14. The federal government [Congress]shall recall Dodd-Frank bill and re-write so to relieve regulatory power of government oversight of small Banks to the point that said Banks have more leeway to loan to small businesses [The Main Employer of the Nation’s workforce].

Note: The federal government shall remove any language from Dodd-Frank allowing federal agencies access to private accounts without the owner’s authorization.

15. The federal government shall reduce legal immigration by 90% for no less than 10 years thus opening more jobs for American's.

16. The federal government shall privatize all airport security. Whereas all T.S.A. personnel  shall be under the Authority of Airports and their Communities.

17. The federal government shall restrict Air traffic controller's to 8 hour daily shift with 16 hour's off-duty, just like all other worker's. Whereas all shift's shall overlap each other by 4 hour's.