Constitutional Government

     The 10th Amendment of the Constitution as it is written allows the States and if need be the people to vote on specific Constitutional Amendments as well as Rules and Regulations for the operation of our government

     The Federal Government has the Constitutional Authority to borrow on the good faith and credit of  the Nation yet it did not put a limit on that borrowing power. As of now the government is borrowing on the good faith and credit of 305 Million people it is supposed to protect and serve. It is now time for the People to put limits on the governments borrowing authority.

     Term limits are mentioned every so often yet our elected officials become so entrenched in their position that they forget that it is the governed they are supposed to serve. It is now time for the People to place limits on Elective service in the government.

     The Constitution state's that it is the people it is supposed to serve while having respect for the enviornment and wildlife not the opposit.

     The Constitution states in Article 2 Section 4 that if need be any government civil servant can and should be removed if their agenda is contradictory to a  government of the people.

     The government’s power and authority come's not from one political party  or another but from all the people and all the people must be respected.

     Our governments control over all Native American land as well as all mineral rights within Tribal lands must END and full transfer of all land, buildings, equipment and mineral rights must be done and allow these people the opportunity to rule themselves as Sovereign Nations without interference by the United States government. Some of these Nations will not thrive without direction and assistance although most should thrive. The federal government will assist but will be prohibited from controlling Tribal Nations direction. Whereas all funds held by the federal government from the sale of mining, timber sales, oil and coal leases plus any other minerals must be transferred to Tribal governments without delay.

     The Constitution allows the government to set and collect taxes for the operation of the government and the military,yet it did not set a limit on how extensive a tax system can be. This allow's for an Amendment voted for by the people to replace the current obese code with one that is simple. It is time for the People to explain with prejudice and their vote how much money it can take from all hard working Americans.

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