Constitutional Government Reform

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the Federal Government shall return to its Constitutional root’s and Abide by  the following:

  1. Term Limits
    1. The Senate shall observe a limit of 2 terms whereas any member who has served in the House for 2 terms or less before serving in Senate shall be limited to 1 term.

    2. The House shall observe a limit of 3 2 year terms. Whereas after adoption of 3 year term any member wishing to serve in the Senate and winning such shall be limited to 1 term. 

      B.1.  Any member of the Legislative branch upon choosing to run for higher Office Must.
               1. Resign their current position and be replaced before any attempt for higher Office 

                            Violating the resignation process before seeking a Higher Office shall result in a $50,000 fine as well as loss of 1 year Salary and Benefits.

  2. Legislative Leadership positions

    1. Speaker of the House shall be limited to 1, 2 year term whereas by a vote of the People ! 
      All Perks for Speaker shall end at Midnight of his or her last day as said Speaker.
    2. Leader of the Senate shall serve no more than 1 Session and shall have no leadership position if re-elected for an additional term. 

               Both houses of the Legislative branch shall return to following Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 of the Constitution by passing No legislation by less than 2/3rd's vote with the only exception being appropriations bills which shall be allowed to pass at 3/5th's vote.
    A.      Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 has never been amended to grant the Legislative Branch the Authority to pass any Legislation by less than 2/3rd's thus a Constitutional Convention of Governors shall by the Will of the People [the Electorate] Void all Legislation passed by the U.S. Legislative Branch and remove all language increasing the power and size of the Government, whereas attempts by one party to block legislation over ideology differences with the Constitution said party shall be suspended without salary and benefits for no less than 6 months !


        1.       All legislation shall be complete with every item within legislation finished showing where in the Constitution it pertains to before being placed on the Internet for a minimum of 7 days whereas any amendments for said legislation inserted after placement on Internet shall add additional 7 days on internet for public viewing.

        A.1.    All Legislation must be read in it's entirety by member's only on the floor of both house's after public viewing on internet, whereas any member not present for reading shall be fined $1,000. Both houses shall entertain public opinions for a period of no less than 2 weeks before voting. Violation of the 2 week period shall result in loss of 1 month's Salary for All Members.

        A.2.    Any Amendments to publicly viewed legislation during public comments process shall void legislation and internet viewing shall be rest for an additional 7 days.

        A.3.    All legislation must be Revenue Neutral and must show no more than 5 years projected costs.
        A.4     All legislation shall be written and composed by Congressional members and staff only. Outside involvement by any Individual or group shall be forbidden. Whereas any intervention by outside influence shall VOID said legislation.
                   Any legislation written by an outside source [ A.L.E.C. ] shall be considered Constitutionally invalid, whereas any writers of outside interference [ legislation ] shall be considered enemies of the people and all shall be imprisoned for no less than 10 years for interfering with the peoples Congress.

  1. Both houses of Legislature shall abide by the following Rules of conduct.

         A.          Both houses of the Legislature shall be in Session no less than 8 hours per day, 5 days per week and 30 weeks per   year. No less than 2/3 of members shall be in attendance every day, whereas attendance less than 2/3rd's all members shall have $500 deducted from Salary for each day 2/3rd's attendance is not met.

    B           All Congressional Member's shall be restricted to operational cost based on 1985 Salaries for members  with no raises, whereas any and all bonuses or increases in salary for members and staff shall be based on performance and 70% approval of their state voters and by 2/3 rd's of States. Self-imposed pay raises by members shall be forbidden.

    C.          All members of Legislative branch shall be subject to recall by their states or district voters with a 30% recall vote.
    D.          All members shall be responsible for their own Health Insurance costs with their staff contributing 80% to their health insurance.

    E.          All members of legislative branch and their office staffs shall be suspended without Salary and prohibited from work in any federal building for failing to file or pay taxes. No member shall be allowed in respective halls until all taxes are paid and current. No recourse for Salary reimbursement during suspension shall be allowed. 

    F.          Any and all Ethics violation's shall result in minimum fine of $50,000 per offense and full reprimand in well of house and Senate which shall be televised in prime-time.

    G.          Any member of legislature inserting foreign law into any legislation shall be fined $100,000 and censured from respective house business for 6 months without pay and loss of benefits!

    H.           Any member of the legislative branch enriching themselves, staff, family or business friends through knowledge of pending legislation shall be fined $500,000 plus any profit coerced from those mentioned, censured for Life and Loss of any and All Benefits.

     I.            Any member of the legislature inserting language into any legislation that discriminates between general public and government employees or unions shall be fined $250,000, Censured for 1 year as well as loss of Salary and benefits.

     J.           The constitution shall be read in full by every member of each house of the legislature, whereas any abridging of/or refusal to read shall result in a fine of $5,000.

     K.          Public outbursts by members during any speech by a foreign dignitary who decides his or her voice or opinion of American law whether Federal or State is wrong in their personal opinion shall result in fines of $5,000 for every member of legislature. Applause is respectful but outbursts shall be prohibited.

     L.           Failing to pass a Federal Budget on time by either house of the legislature shall result in the following fines.
                Fines for 110th Session is as follows     

                    1.    Senate leader shall be fined $5,000 per day until budget is passed.

               2.    Speaker of the house shall be fined $2,500 per day until budget is passed                

                    3.    Party leaders shall be fined $1,500 per day until budget is passed

          4.   All members shall be fined $$500 per day. 

             Fines for 112th Session is as follows

           1.  Senate Leader shall be fined $5,000 per day for the length of the Session in failing to promote or put forth Budget. Whereas Senate Leader shall be removed from Office, stripped of all Federal Benefits and Censored for Life involving anything regarding the United States Federal Government or Political Speech. The Senate Leader shall also be Taxed 95% on any income for the balance of his life.

            2.   Senate Majority and Minority leaders shall be fined $2,500 per day for failing to promote and put forth a Budget.

            3.   Balance of membership shall be fined $2,000 per day for failing to promote and put forth a Budget.

      M.          All member's of Legislature shall be responsible for Auto leases to which a $200 allotment per month shall be   allowed per member.

      N..          All member's shall be means tested for supplemental rent assistance, whereas no member shall receive more than $500 per month for rent.

           O.          All leadership position perks shall end 24 hours after leadership term ends whereas any office leases signed by leader in name of federal government shall revert to leaders responsibility. This shall be retroactive to previous leaders.

  1.     Salary and Benefits for Legislative shall be as follows

    1. All members salaries shall be reset to $60,000/year and frozen whereas self-imposed pay raises shall be forbidden. Members shall request salary increase from the residents of their State or district and no raise shall be permitted unless 2/3rd's of States and Districts authorize said raise. Any raise shall be limited to 1.5% per 4 years whereas authorization of States and Districts shall be required every 4 years.
             Example, A member serving 1 term as a Senator shall receive $18,000 per year for only 6 years

               3. Congressional Pensions shall  be based on proposed term limits. Maximum Pension shall be $18,000 per year for time served and members shall not receive any of said pension until they turn 66 years of age.

               4.   All Members shall pay for their own Health care whereas all office staff shall be required to contribute 80% of health care ins.

             5.   Reimbursement's for government trips shall be no more than $50 per day whereas all receipts must be accounted for. Any false accounting shall result in $500 fine.
                   Note:   Use of military aircraft for informational trips shall be Banned and All Air charter trips shall be reimbursed at coach class fares of Airline guides.
                   Note.   Any member accepting air transport from any special interest ie lobbyist shall be required to pay full charter cost as a fine to the general fund.

             6.    Any and all language allowing a member of Congress to arrange loans from their Campaign funds for any reason shall result in fine of Loan amount and loss of 1 years Salary.


Judicial Branch

  1. A. Supreme Court - Lifetime Appointments shall end and 27 year term of service shall be adopted

    1. No Jurist shall be appointed to the Supreme Court without a minimum of 10 years on Federal District bench or 10 years on a state supreme court. 

    2. Retirement age for Supreme Court Justice shall be 75. Adjustments shall be made depending on age at appointment.

    3. Any Jurist legislating from the bench or in rulings shall be censured, fined $250,000 and removed from the bench for a period of 1 year with loss of Salary and Benefits for that time.

    4. Any Supreme Court Justice inserting foreign language or laws into rulings or writings shall be fined $250,000 disbarred and removed from the bench and Censored for life involving the Federal Government with loss of all Benefits.

    5. Any Supreme Court Justice inserting political or personal view into any ruling shall be fined $250,000 and suspended from bench for 1 year as well as loss of Salary and benefits.

    6. Retirement benefits for all Federal Justices shall be reduced to 20% of Salary.

Federal Employees

             Congress shall Repeal and Replace the Wagner Act with wording restricting the power of All Government Sector Unions and restructuring their benefits.
              The Federal Employee Retirement System Shall be restructured to reflect or mirror what an American Citizen receives from Social Security.

  1. Non-Military Federal payroll shall not exceed .3,000,000. Current level of Non-military payroll shall be reduced over a period of 5 years until it reaches the proposed limit.
  2. Hiring private contractors shall be limited and limited to $750 per week per agent.
  3. All Salaries shall be reset to not exceed private sector of same position by more than 5%  at which time any and all Quarterly and Yearly bonuses shall not exceed 2.5% of salary and performance bonuses shall be limited to 5% of Salary.

  4. All federal employees retirement age shall be reset to 66 years of age.
    note: if retirement for public is raised  retirement age for Federal employees shall also be raised to the same age. 

         note: Non Military Employees shall not receive Pension Benefits until the age of 62 at which time only 60% of Benefits shall be available, Full Pension shall be available at age of 66..

         Political posters of any political party shall be banned from federal property whereas any federal employee wearing any badge, pin, scarf, tie or any other item on their person or on their desk or locker shall be fined $1,000 and suspended for 30 days without pay or benefits.

         Any Federal employee knowingly destroying material requested by Congress for an investigation shall be fined $50,000 suspended for 1 year with no pay or benefits

  1. All non-military federal employees shall be required to contribute no less than 80% of health care coverage.
    Note: Front line Federal National Security Personnel shall be required to contribute 50% of Health Insurance
  2. Retirement benefits for Non-Military and Non-Security federal employees shall be suspended reset to 10% of Salary with government contributing match up 7.5% of salary.
  3. All current Federal Retirees shall have their pensions reduced to 10 percent their salary at retirement.

  4. All federal employee conference's or training session's shall be limited to $250 per employee cost to taxpayer.           


Federal Divisions and Projects

        By a Vote of a duly called Constitutional Congress by the People of the United States Convention Delegates shall place a 10 year Moratorium on new Federal Construction Projects not including Military Installations or Road and Bridge upgrades.
         Only Security improvements on Military Posts as well as Housing for Personnel shall be allowed.

The federal government shall eliminate the following which are only the beginning
  1. ALL unused federal properties including those confiscated for Tax evasion or other federal violation [estimated at 1.2 million properties] shall be liquidated at auction with reserve bid of no less than 70% of appraised value.
    note: any federal property that is suitable for use as charter school or homeless shelter, non-profits shall have first refusal.

     2.  A duly called Constitutional Convention shall have the Authority to void all employee pension contracts including Postal Service and reset to 10% of salary with employees contributing 80% of health care insurance.

           Note; This involves forcing the Postal Service in Bankruptcy in order to reduce Operating costs or Selling the Post Office to the Private Sector.

     3.  The federal government shall privatize Am Track and sell to highest bidder with some restrictions on abandoning any routes.
     4.   ALL federal construction projects to shall be Right to Work contracts no matter the projected cost.
         Whereas any interference by any union or unionized company in a non-union companies winning bid shall be result in        banishment from bidding process on any federal construction project for 10 years.

      5. The federal government shall Ban the use of Eminent domain and be forbidden itself in its use to power grab any private property or State land.
      6. The federal government shall reduce the estimated 18,000 federal programs by at least 80% or a reduction of no more than 14,000 whereas any program that does not involve worker safety, product safety, workplace safety, health and welfare programs and general public safety shall be eliminated. The timeline for elimination shall be over 10 years.
      7. The federal government shall reduce the Dept. of Education and limit funding to $5 Billion per year to be used as promoting Education and return full control of education back to the States. As all schools are paid for by property taxes to city or state the federal government shall be prohibited from choosing winners or losers in Education.
           A. The federal government shall when additional funds are available make individual grants of up to $10 Million to Charter Schools for start ups or current charter schools who wish to expand.
           B. The federal government shall end subsidies to all universities and colleges as all high education facilities are either community owned, state owned, or privately owned. This does not include grants for health and medical research.

      8.The federal government shall place restriction's on the federal financing bank and limit any loans to $35,000 per employee.
      9.The federal government shall eliminate all loans, tax breaks and or incentives to ALL energy sector Industries. The federal government shall be prohibited from choosing winners or losers in the energy industry thus the federal government shall be forbidden from acting as a Venture Capitalist using taxpayer fund's.
 Note:  The federal government shall be prohibited to offer any rebate for any private sector product, all rebate's shall be the responsibility of producer's and manufacturer's.                                                                                                                   
     10.The federal government shall freeze all funds for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae thus splitting each into 10 separate units involving each geographical area of the United States. By doing so each will be smaller than current and as individual units shall not affect the entire nation as a whole. Note: the federal government shall be restricted in mortgage's to veteran's only.
     11. The federal government shall institute BAN on all no-bid contracts. Note: Any violation of this by any government employee shall result in $250,000 fine, Fired with no recourse for work anywhere in the Federal Government and loss of all federal benefit's.
     12.The federal government shall institute BAN on Cost plus federal projects. Any project must have developer involvement of a minimum 25%.

Note: Cost overruns on federal projects in 2007 were $807 Billion.
     13. The federal government shall place strict regulations on the National Labor Relations Board which will limit Labor Union involvement to 1/5th membership of Board or the Board shall be eliminated.

Note: As Unions consist of less than 11% of the Nations private sector work force this will eliminate the government being used as a lackey for the Unions.
     14.  The federal government [Congress]shall recall Dodd-Frank bill and re-write so to relieve regulatory power of government oversight of small Banks to the point that said Banks have more leeway to loan to small businesses [The Main Employer of the Nation’s workforce].

Note: The federal government shall remove any language from Dodd-Frank allowing federal agencies access to private accounts without the owner’s authorization.

      15.   The federal government shall reduce legal immigration by 90% for no less than 10 years thus opening more jobs for American's.

      16.    The federal government shall privatize all airport security. Whereas all T.S.A. personnel  shall be under the Authority of Airports and their Communities.

      17.     The federal government shall restrict Air traffic controller's to 8 hour daily shift with 16 hour's off-duty, just like all other worker's. Whereas all shift's shall overlap each other by 4 hour's.
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