My Fellow Americans;

        The Alliance was incorporated a few years ago as a non profit with the intent of educating the Citizens of their right under the 10th Amendment to call for a Constitutional Referendum by the Citizens and Vote in such a Referendum on Constitutional Amendments including the Freedom Amendments by Mark R. Levin and Government Reforms the Oligarchy Leadership of both the Democratic and Republican Parties are Afraid of as well as the Oligarchy Mentality of many in the Federal Government.

           Active duty Military, reservists, National Guard, Veterans, Social Security, Welfare,  Medicare, Medicade or Food Stamp recipients  will not be affected by the proposals of the Alliance.  Some limitations
 will be made in the Welfare and Food stamp areas.

         The Alliance will be a 501[c]4 when we do file yet at this time with all the Vile back and forth in Congress plus the out of Control I R S under the leadership of President Obama as well as many Democrats and some Republicans in Congress who call for investigations of Conservative groups we will bide our time with educational issues and not seek funds from anyone.

          As Registered Independents we do not condone the Actions of Either the Democrats or Republicans as Politics are Endangering the very Core of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

          Since the Constitution was signed by the Founders few amendments have made it through the Senate and ratified by the states. There have been over 1500 amendment proposals addressed by the Senate.
           For over 5 decades since the states suspended their rights to the 9th and 10th amendments , the federal government has grown into a monstrous behemoth that has outgrown the founders vision of a limited government.

           Boomers from 1940 through 1964 who knew what growing up with limited government intrusion was are now the ones that can make a difference for future generations. We are seeking sponsors whether Individuals or Business owners who believe that the Correct way to Ensure a future Government that will Serve the People is not through the Political process but through the 10th Amendment and Encourage them to promote a Citizens Constitutional Referendum Vote.

          We encourage every American to stand their ground against tactics of the Oligarchy Leadership of Both the Democratic and Republican Parties and help spread the need for a Constitutional Referendum by the Citizens to Force the Oligarchy mentality in Washington to Capitulate to the People's will.

         It's time the Citizens of the United States revisited the Declaration of Independence as we are facing many of the same Abusive Regulations, Rules, Laws and Obsessive overbearing that the King of England placed on the Colonists is happening again only this time by our elected, appointed and hired civil-servants many of whom believe themselves above the Constitution.

         In the 220 years since the Constitution was signed by the Founding Fathers, Never has the use of the 9th and 10th Amendments by the Citizens ever been needed more than NOW.

        Article "5" of the United States Constitution say's that Congress may propose Amendments by process then request that 3/4th's of the States Legislature's ratify the proposal's.
Due to the Inaction of our Elected Civil Servants in following Constitutional Procedure by both Democrats and Republicans it is up to the People [Voters] of this Great Republic to bring about  True Government Reform  starting at the Petition stage, utilizing the 10th  Amendment!

         Abraham Lincoln said "We the people are the rightful masters of both the Congress and the Courts, not to over throw the Constitution but to overthrow the men[and women] who would pervert the Constitution." The Congress and the Courts have overstepped their Authority in restricting the rights of all Americans to use our Creators name and his Bible within our schools,  courts, monuments and taxpayer owned government buildings.

         Restricting any Americans 1st Amendment Rights to Freedom of Religion and the Freedom to express our Religious views in thoughts, Display of the 10 Commandments or Nativity Scenes on Taxpayer owned Community, County or State Court House's or Schools violate not only the Constitution but the entire premise of the Declaration of Independence.

          John Adams said "There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty." But a Constitution of Government, one changed from Freedom, can never be restored. "Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." 

         Patriot Volunteer's are needed in every Community of this Nation not only to spread the word about the Alliance Agenda but to Educate their fellow American's about their right's to correct the Direction our Nation is going. 

        Within this Web Site are some answers that the Electorate [The Citizens] should consider in order to Ensure a Strong Constitutional Based Government that will Protect and Serve the People for Generations to come. 

        Here is a short list of items that will be on the Ballot including the Liberty Amendments by Mark R Levin for the Citizens to vote on.

        1.  An Amendment that the Federal Government shall recognize that Life begins at Conception
        2.  An Amendment that the Federal Government shall recognize Marriage as a Holy Bond between a Man and a Woman.
        3.  An Amendment to restore the Senate
        4. An Amendment to Establish Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices and Super-Majority Legislative Override.
        5.  An Amendment limiting taxation of Individuals "notes enclosed in Amendments page".
        6.  An Amendment limiting Government spending as well as borrowing.
        7.  An Amendment to limit the Federal Bureaucracy.
        8.  An Amendment to promote Free Enterprise.
        9.  An Amendment to Protect Private Property.
       10. An Amendment to Grant the States Authority to Check Congress.
       11. An Amendment to Protect the Vote, Photo I.D. required for federal elections
       12. Repeal the 14th Amendment
       13.   Repeal all taxes, fines, penalties and mandates associated with the Affordable Care Act i.e. Obama Care
       14.  Abolish Congressional Pensions
       15. Restructure the Federal Employee Retirement System so that non military pension shall not exceed $18,000/ year
       16. Repeal and replace the Federal Tax Code
       17.  No Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants 
       18.  Term Limits [2] for Senate and [2] for House with Salaries restructured. 12 years total!
       19.  Federal non military Employee retirement age reset to 66 years of age
       20. Ban Lifetime Appointments 
       21. Secure southern border with Military between Port of Entries 
       22. Enemy Combatants captured overseas shall not be allowed on U.S. Soil but sent Directly to GITMO 
       23. Drug Cartels and their members shall be considered Invading Combatants and when captured shall be sent directly to GITMO, if GITMO is decommissioned  with normalizations with Cuba another off shore military post will be used.
       24. Constitutional ban on Sharia Law
            Definitions can be found elsewhere within this website

        Ronald Reagan said "Freedom is never more than one Generation from Extinction". Everyone who visits this site must realize that Politics are Endangering the future Prosperity of our Children and Grandchildren. The Bible say's that "Children should not have to save up for their Parents but Parents must save up for their Children".

         Every American must be involved in order that our Constitutional Rights are protected and preserved for future generations. The only solution is a Constitutional Referendum Vote by the true owners of the United States Federal Government 'The People'.

          American's must Unite under one banner and use the Constitution, specifically the 10th Amendment to bring about True Government Reform while also following the Declaration of Independence in reforming the Corrupt and Abusive form of Government we currently have. 

          I encourage every one who reads this and the following pages to discuss the Agenda with their family, friends and co-workers as well as their employers before making any comitment.

                                                          Our Mission Statement is as follow's.
        To Encourage every American and business owner to demand a Citizens Constitutional Referendum Vote in all the States separate from a general Election vote. 
         Three Petitions must be circulated in all 50 States in order for our Nation to thrive and be a Beacon to all the World.

         First:   A Petition must be Circulated in each State instructing the State to participate in a Citizens Constitutional Referendum Vote.
                       Note; date for vote will depend on 50 state participation.

         Second:    A Petition must be Circulated by the People to Instruct their State Legislatures to Ratify the Peoples vote and pass on the Peoples vote Tally to the Governors. This must be done within 30 days of the Referendum Vote
whereas if any state legislature refuses to validate the Votes of the People, the Convention Will Ratify them.

          Third:       Delegates to the Convention shall be Chosen by the Alliance of which are the following Requirements.
                            A.   One Delegate must be a Constitutional Attorney or Scholar with a minimum of 15 years in chosen       field.
                            B.   Two Delegates must be Small Business Owners with 10 years of verifiable Operation with no Bankruptcies.
                            C.    One Delegate must be a Native American from a Tribal Nation within each state
                            D.   No Delegate shall have any previous experience within the Federal Government whether Elected, Appointed, Hired or as an Employee of a Lobbying Firm.
                            E.   Political Appointees shall be Barred from being a Delegate.

           The Alliance shall have Full control of Ballot Content, printing and distribution of Ballots as well as Control of the Convention Protocol.
            All Ballots will be numbered as well as bar coded, Photo I.D. shall be required for the voting process, whereas any duplicate ballot will be voided as well as original ballot.

                             50 State participation is a must for this to work.

                             The Convention Delegates shall also be Empowered to use Article 2 Section 4 to remove those within the government, Set Fines and Penalties for Government Employees, whether Elected, Appointed or Salaried for violating Constitutional Law and Misuse of Taxpayer Funds. These Fines and Penalties by a 2/3rds vote of Convention Delegates shall be retroactive to the year 2000.

Thank you,
Burton F. Hill
P.O.Box 91744
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57109

We must have a Constitutional Energy policy that will allow the use of all our domestic supplies of oil, natural gas and coal to their fullest extent with regard to the environment yet not choosing the enviornment over the People's right's but essential in all aspects but not restricting our energy needs.

Unchecked power of the government over the past 40 years have increased our national debt beyond what our nation produces every year and continues to pass oppressive regulations that cost the American business owner's 100's of Billions of dollars to comply with.

We must as a Nation use our Constitutional rights to Vote and force the Federal Government to operate within the Guidelines of the Constitution to Serve and Protect All the People.

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